Execute better with innovative technology & engineering solutions.

Analysis Express makes implementation easy.

New technology and engineering solutions enable companies:

Execute at a higher level saving time and money.


Solve problems faster and run more efficiently


Prepare for the future by embracing emerging tech.


Don’t be left behind!

Innovative Organizations We’ve Helped:

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Becoming an industry leader is easy:


Step One

Schedule a consult.

Step Two

We assess your needs.

Step Three

We get you the right talent.

Services to help you succeed:



AE helps strategize and execute the most sophisticated solutions for your organization.
We will customize a solution for your company’s specific technological needs.




AE provides support for the implementation of engineering solutions, develop web-based applications, and lead client-training activities to get the most out of engineering tools. We help make all the changes easy and stress free for your organization.

Deep Science


AE is leading the charge in developing futuristic technologies. We founded DataX, a local group that brings top level talent from different disciplines (engineering, mechanics, electronics, computer programming, big data, analytics and machine learning) for collaboration and discovery!

Talent Solutions


AE believes in providing the right talent for the job. Within our network of experts we help companies locate the talent they need to handle sophisticated staffing roles.

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Analysis Express makes implementation of new technologies easy:

We provide the best talent.

We provide the expertise you need, helping to determine the best solutions and making the complex easy for your organization.


We work with your team.

Implementing changes can be hard. From the IT department to HR, we help everyone in your organization embrace your vision for the future.


We help determine what's practical and scalable.

We will advise you on the best solutions for your current needs. We only provide solutions that are reasonable and economical for long term success.


Why work with Analysis Express?

At Analysis Express, we understand, how the implementation of innovative engineering and advanced technology solutions can be overwhelming for a business. Change is hard; and often there is frustration from the lack of buy-in within an organization. So managers and leaders end up feeling defeated. Going back to status quo systems that just won’t work in the future.

Thankfully this doesn’t have to be you! Since 2004 Analysis Express has been been providing engineering and advanced technology solutions to businesses just like yours. With our guidance we help you determine what is needed to help your company execute at the highest level. We are in your corner helping you implement the cutting edge changes your company needs to help launch you into the future.

Our work with companies reflect our core values.
1. We bring passion for excellence in whatever we do.
2. We have integrity at all times, no matter what it costs.
3. We are rational and reasonable in every aspect of our work.
4. We believe building trust is precious. Relationships are golden.

If you choose to partner with us you will get technology and engineering gurus in your corner helping you implement changes that will boost execution to the highest level in your organization. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you!

You can’t afford for everything to stay the same.


Don’t be left behind!