Services for Healthcare Providers

As a member of the healthcare community, your organization has an important job to do. Your patients rely on you to provide the most effective and immediate healthcare possible. However, your obligation to run an efficient organization is just as important. Let’s face it: maintaining profitability in order to service patients often feels like a tug-of-war between administrative and medical responsibilities.

To accommodate these opposing forces, healthcare organizations are starting to collect, store, and analyze data (known as business intelligence) to assist in the decision making processes aimed at improving patient services while increasing the bottom line. Unfortunately, too much time and money can be wasted on managers entering information into a system that utilizes multiple data sources and spreadsheets – a paper-based practice proven to be laborious and unreliable. With so much to balance, healthcare organizations are automating their business intelligence solutions with the help of Analysis Express.

Analysis Express has over 25 years of combined experience designing and implementing custom business intelligence solutions that utilize sophisticated online analytical processing technologies, robust relational databases, and effective data mining programs. Unlike larger consulting agencies proposing cumbersome, standard-issue solutions to every problem, Analysis Express offers a complete range of fully customize-able solutions that accommodate your organization’s particular set of business priorities, in-house capabilities, and budget.

With Analysis Express on your team, you have immediate access to reliable information, answering these questions and more:

  • What are the demographics of patients?
  • Are the needs of patients changing from year to year?
  • What are operational costs?
  • Are doctors staying within budget?
  • What services are most profitable?
  • Which services should be added?

Our promise to you:

We guarantee your decision to work with Analysis Express will be among the wisest you ever make