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“Where traditional reporting ends.”

As a bank manager, you rely on reports to understand your business. But if your reporting system is like most, it delivers too much detail. Summary values are either non-existent or hard to find. New questions or variations require data to be re-entered into a spreadsheet—a very time consuming and error-prone process. With so many questions left unanswered and so many patterns, threats, and opportunities undetected, it is no wonder that many banking executives feel “unarmed” in the daily battle for business success.

Custom reporting systems by Analysis Express begin where traditional reporting systems end. Using the latest analytical techniques and technologies, the experienced business consultants of Analysis Express will bring fast, understandable analytical capabilities to your bank.

New insights will come to life for your executives and managers with dynamic pivoting, business-rule-based consolidation, drill-down, drag-and-drop grouping and sorting, and multi-level trending. Now, you can go beyond reporting facts and figures, quickly turning meaningless mountains of detail into truly useful management information.

With a custom system by Analysis Express, you can quickly and easily analyze your loan products by (but not limited to)—

  • Type
  • Credit Score / Class
  • Customer
  • Loan Officer
  • Origination Month/Quarter/Year
  • Originating Channel / Channel Unit
  • Pricing Scheme / Rate Index
  • Marketing Promotion
Analyze your customers and their profitability by—

  • Market Segment
  • Demographic Group
  • Affinity Group
  • Total Product Relationships

Alert the appropriate managers to potential problems and troubling trends with early warning systems to detect—

  • Changing Prepayment and Default Rates on Loan Products
  • Attrition Rate of Customers
  • Impending Margin Compression
  • Trend and Seasonality Components of Loans or Deposits

Our promise to you:

We guarantee your decision to work with Analysis Express will be among the wisest you ever make