Engagement Process

Empower Clients to Make Business Decisions Without Interruption


Identify Value:
A Solution Inspired by the Client Business Objectives

Every client relationship begins with a free initial consultation to assess current needs, criticality and estimate the costs and potential return on investment in our services.

We typically follow up with a proposal of services tailored to your needs.

There is no cost or obligation for our initial consultation and needs assessment. With absolutely nothing to lose, and potentially vast amounts of efficiency to gain, you really should contact us now to see if you can benefit from our services.

If we assess your needs (based on conservative estimates) and are not fully confident you will recover your investment in us during the first six months your system is up and running, we will not propose to work with you.


The secret to success of Analysis Express, is our Agile project management approach. See the diagram to learn more on our Agile Methodology.

We develop solutions via our proprietory Agile Methodology to bring creative & technically sophisticated solutions

As part of this agile methodology and to ensure success, we provide continuous improvement support

Our promise to you:

We guarantee your decision to work with Analysis Express will be among the wisest you ever make